The band was formed in November 1995 under the direction of guitarist László Válik. It’s hard to clearly define Kada’s music by genre, and the musicians themselves don’t even strive for that. The foreign progressive and underground press, to the music of Frank Zappa, David Torn, King Crimson and Soft Machine, resembles the KADA genre. The orchestra's orchestration is jazz-rock-like, we usually think in longer compositions, where both the composed and improvisational parts and noise-music models are included. It is not the traditional sound systems, the bound structures that characterize our music, but rather the odd rhythms, the dense shifts or the monotony. We like experimentation, where the compositions that are considered ready are also in constant change.

Until the stable base band was formed, many musicians turned up in Kada (Zoltán Farkas, Péter Erdélyi, Farkas Láposi, Miklós Zsidel, Samu Gryllus, Zoltán Bellák). The first CD, named after the Band, was released in 2000, with the following members:

  • László Válik - guitars
  • Boros Attila - bass guitar
  • Gergely Ballay - drums
  • Gábor Kollmann - saxophone
  • Gergely Katona - pozan, trumpet, percussion
  • Mogyoró Győző - percussion instruments

On the second double CD "Farewell", Dániel Váczi (saxophone) has already joined the band. Around 2002, the percussionist of Győző Mogyoró was replaced by his younger brother, Kornél Mogyoró. We can hear several line-ups on the 2003 OHOÁÉ concert selection album. The backbone of the DVD "UFO Spectators" is given by a 2004 Petőfi Hall concert, where all three wind instruments and both percussion can be heard. In 2019, a concert selection of vinyl was released, which contains unreleased recordings from the 2001-03 period.

Completely free improvisations were mostly heard at the band's concerts, and it was from this line that Kada Ad Libitum was created. There was an unrealized plan from which the Freedom Haze formation emerged. Compositions by Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis were nested and rearranged. The planned record was mostly lost in a swamp of composers' rights. Maybe we shouldn't be surprised by this, because the original big meeting couldn't get together either (he was waiting for Davis Hendrix in Paris who got stuck in a traffic jam, he was late, Miles didn't wait ...)


Kada ad Libitum was founded in 2005. Kada founder László Válik (guitar, effects) and Dániel Váczi (saxophone), Mátyás Szandai (bass) and András Mohay (drums), created a free improvisational quartet in which rock, modern mainstream jazz, various folk music and elements of contemporary classical music flow into each other, creating two different alloys in moments. Our first album, Approximationes, was released that year.

Our second album [Sic!], Made in 2007, differs from the first recording, which consists exclusively of free improvisations, in that although we also did not use pre-written themes, many pieces contain pre-arranged structures and various musical games.

In 2009, András Mohay was replaced by Zsolt Kovács Sárvári behind the drums. We have already recorded our third record (Progressio, Inflexio, Repetitio) with him, mixing the approaches of the first two materials.

After Mátyás Szandai moved to France, Ernő Hock took his place.

The formation made new recordings in 2014, supplemented by new musicians, with the participation of Krisztián Keszei (guitar, bass guitar) and composer György Bartók (organ, keyboards) from contemporary rock music. In doing so, we further broadened our musical spectrum, maintaining our commitment to improvisation, spontaneous musical manifestations.

The recordings were made in L.V.Hang Studio, we judged it so good that the band and the label (L.V.Records) were encouraged, so we released a compilation album consisting of three CDs. The musical communication and harmony worked very well during the recordings, so we managed to record many more compositions than we had planned.

In 2017, we recorded a studio concert on analog tape, from which a vinyl album called "In Vivo" was made. This was the last concert of Zsolt Sárvári Kovács with the orchestra, his place was taken by Dániel Serei, who is also the drummer of the Budapest Jazz Orchestra.


KADA wanted a Hendrix-Davis material with nested themes and novel reworkings. The L.V. You can watch such an interesting transcript on the YouTube audio channel, which is an interesting processing. The stage of this unrealized plan is this formation. This project is a grouping of Hendrix fans, where the experiment of the original speech and the bold reworkings are also included. The band was founded by members Attila Boros (bass) and László Válik (guitar) Kada. Guitarist Krisztián Keszei, guitarist - singer Dávid Lamm and drummer Tamás Szöllosi were added to the formation. Later, guitarist Huba Ratkóczi and the KADA drummer Gergő Ballay joined a concert.

Kada - Kada

The band's first album also includes composed and improvisational parts, noise and music models. It is not characterized by traditional sound systems, by bound structures, but rather by odd rhythms, dense shifts or even monotony. In exchange for his impartiality, the student will have an exciting and novel experience, as KADA hopes.

  • László Válik - guitar
  • Attila Boros - bass
  • Gergely Ballay - drums
  • Gábor Kollmann - saxophone
  • Gergely Katona - trombone, trumpet
  • Győző Mogyoró - percussions

Kada - Farewell

"Free structures, unique rhythms and experimenting liveliness are featuring their style. The album is more or less live recorded.This is not a CD for the average prog-fan but if you like the improvised music of David Torn you must listen to this one. I am very impressed with the compositions, improvisations and the skills of the musicians"

Douwe Fledderus (ProgVisions)

Kada - Ohoáéib

"The band's third album, also formed in 1995, also plays to a high standard the music of Frank Zappa, David Torn, King Crimson and Soft Machine, which he is accustomed to by foreign progressive and underground press, but which is unique to Kada." (László Matisz)

Kada - U.F.O. spotters

Kada's almost 2-hour DVD. A significant part of the recordings was made in the Petőfi Hall in December 2004. Three recordings are details of the concerts given at the Farewell CD presentation at the 2001 Bárka Theater, at the Rockwell Club in Miskolc in 2004 and at the Pest Evening Stage of the Sziget Festival in 2005.

Kada - Csinvat

The newly released "Csinvat" vinyl contains live versions of previously released compositions recorded at concerts, from the period 2002-03.

Kada Ad Libitum - Approximationes

The history of the Kada Ad Libitum formation began on March 28, 2005 with an improvisational studio recording. In fact, this collective improvisation can be heard in its entirety on the CD Approxiomationes. The roots of this kind of musical approach can be found in the band Kada. It was then that the four musicians played together for the first time in this form. Listening to spontaneously formed musical solutions and curves, it may seem incredible that music without pre-written themes and structures is played.

  • László Válik – guitar, effects
  • Dániel Váczi – saxophon
  • Mátyás Szandai – double bass
  • András Mohay - drums

Kada Ad Libitum - sic!

On the second album of the quartet, in addition to free co-music, we can also hear various musical structures and forms.

  • László Válik – guitar, effects
  • Dániel Váczi – saxophon
  • Mátyás Szandai – double bass
  • András Mohay - drums

Kada Ad Libitum - Progressio, Inflexio, Repetitio

The third album of Kada Ad Libitum was made with drummer Zsolt Kovács Sárvári. The title is the name of three types of improvisation concepts (defined by the band).

  • László Válik – guitar, effects
  • Dániel Váczi – saxophon
  • Mátyás Szandai – double bass
  • Zsolt Sárvári Kovács - drums

Kada Ad Libitum - Progressio, Inflexio, Repetitio etc.

This collection is an expanded edition of the CD "Progressio, Inflexio, Repetitio". The publication is numbered and can only be ordered. This material is available in DVD Audio and 96kHz wav format, for those who want to listen in high definition.

Kada Ad Libitum - Far-gazing

Far Away is a three-disc free music series that is a 2014 imprint of Kada Ad Libitum’s variable lineup game.

  • György Bartók - upright piano, organ
  • Ernő Hock - double bass
  • Krisztián Keszei - buitar, bass guitar
  • Zsolt Sárvári Kovács - dob
  • Dániel Váczi- sax
  • László Válik - guitar effects

Kada Ad Libitum - In Vivo

The experimental music project Kada Ad Libitum, which started in 2005, uses mostly broadly interpreted structures and rules instead of songs, and creates new content in each concert and recording situation based on their possibilities.

Freedom Haze - Freedom Haze

Tribute to the music of Jimi Hendrix, through the filters of Dávid Lamm, Attila Boros, Krisztián Keszei, Tamás Szöllősi and László Válik.

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